Bedrock Statistics, LLC
Bedrock Statistics, LLC


Bedrock Statistics, LLC offers a wide variety of services related to data collection and analysis, including:


Statistical analysis

  • Programming in SAS, Stata, and other languages
  • Regression modeling
  • Discrete choice analysis

Survey design and implementation

  • Developing and pretesting survey instruments
  • Organizing and moderating focus groups
  • Developing statistical sampling plans
  • Implementing mail, phone, and web-based surveys
  • Developing survey weights 
  • Analyzing survey data

Applied economics

  • Developing models of outdoor recreation behavior (e.g., travel cost models)
  • Estimating lost recreational use in natural resource damage assessments
  • Estimating hedonic property value models
  • Valuing nonmarket environmental goods

Characterizing outdoor recreation

  • Designing and implementing statistically valid on-site count studies 
  • Using automated counter, remote video, and game camera technologies to quantify recreation
  • Implementing off-site surveys to characterize recreational behavior and visitor preferences


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